The 6 different types of song mixes nobody talks about

For every release BNU needs a full extended mix and a radio mix of the song.
An extended mix is a longer version of the song. Sections can be repeated, new material in the style of the original can be added, and more. Most important: this version should always include at least 16 bars intro and outro for DJs to mix the song in their sets. This mix will be best promoted on Beatport.
A radio mix is a shorter version of the song. It’s generally cut down so more radio stations and playlists will accept it, and sections tend to be selected to appeal to more general listeners. This mix will be best promoted on Spotify.

Additional song versions:
Original Mix: The first release version of a song. Only used if there’s just one of the two extended or radio mixes.
Edit: A slightly different version to the original mix done for a special purpose. E.g. Festival Edit, Rave Edit, etc.
Bootleg: An unofficial remix of a song which cannot be released commercially. That means the artist has no permission to remix the song in question. These can be used to do free downloads through download gates.
VIP: VIP means „various in production“ and is almost always a slightly different version from the original or extended mix made by the original artist.
Instrumental: A mix created without the vocals of a song but only if the original contains vocals.
Acapella: The solo vocal track of a song.

SPECIAL: Remix Titles:
When releasing a remix it is important to release both an extended and radio version as well. Remixes have to follow this titling:
Remix Extended Mix: Artist (ft. Artist) – Title (Remixer Extended Mix)
Remix Radio Mix: Artist (ft. Artist) – Title (Remixer Radio Mix)

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