bringnewunity: Empowering Artists through Collaboration and Inclusivity

The agency was originally created to forward DJ gigs to friends if we couldn’t take them. To have a network of DJs and friends to choose from and help each other if there is a gig to play. As well as educating one another about the business and best practices.
The label was created to give upcoming producers the opportunity to release their music for free and profit from the experience we gathered from the last five years of working in the music business.
Bringnewunity is a team where everyone does their part on equal terms. Our part is to manage and account for the team and the artists. The part of the artists is to focus on their career as much as they can and do their best to grow using the knowledge we provide.
Sometimes artists imagine that being signed to a label or agency or having a management takes all the work and responsibility from their shoulders. When in reality good partners support and mentor but never patronize. If artists do good work and keep a constant flow of creative output, good partners can help to grow quicker and arrange opportunities.
We believe that only together we can achieve our individual goals and the individual can always give something to the unity.
Our team is happy to work with everybody no matter what age, gender, sexual identity, origin or religion someone might be.

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