5 tipps to make Content creation stress free

1. Resources:
Canva is a free online graphic tool with many features and templates. You should be aware that graphics created there can often look tasteless and cheap. That’s why they should take extra care if the promotion content you’re creating looks aesthetically pleasing. Factors of that can be colors, contrasts, fonts and pictures used. Canva can be found here: canva.com
Pexels is a website for stock footage. They offer great photos and videos that are free for private and commercial use. With a piece of content from there it’s much easier to create an aesthetically pleasing promotion post with Canva. Pexels can be found here: pexels.com
2. Different types and sizes of promotion content:
Short video formats (Instagram Reels, Tiktok, Youtube Shorts) are the best way to promote music on social media nowadays. Not only is music one of the main elements of these videos but artists have easy ways to create content. Also the reach is not limited to the reach of the account which uploaded the short video since algorithms work different with this format.
3. Basics:
– only use videos on 9/16 upright formats
– search for other songs in your genre and get inspired which kinds of videos work for your music
– use the most catching part of the song for the video
4. Ideas for short video formats:
Mood videos, works best for calm music, mostly consists of outdoor shots that convey the feeling of the song, slow cut pacing,

Live Videos

Making off

Story formats Post formats are a bit harder. In general the three types of videos for the short video formats can be used here as well. Have in mind that people want to see meaningful content. Post about the feelings, ideas and background that was there while you wrote and produced a song. Stories and emotions is what makes content good and engaging.
In Instagram stories use engagement features such as Poll, Questions, Quiz, Chat and The slider. Don’t be afraid to engage with your followers and show them what an interesting and listen worthy artist you are. Make content where people can see that you put in the effort to make something they can enjoy.
5. General tipps:
– videos are always better than photos.
– the less text on your post the better. No text is the best.
– use fitting hashtags in captions.
– create content with the receiving person in mind.
We don’t provide templates or flyers for a release for social media as we believe that it kills all creativity an artist should have when telling their fans passionately about their new song. Think about how your favorite artists talk about their music in their stories and posts. Let your fans feel and see why you love doing what you do.

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