8 ways Beatport promotes your release you didn’t know about

The goal of Beatport promotion is to raise awareness on the platform. Since Beatport is the biggest marketplace for DJs and electronic music downloads in general promoting on there is really important. There are several different ways of promotion on Beatport. There are:
Main page/front page:
This is what you see as the first thing when you go on beatport.com. All opportunities are displayed on the main page/front page. To be seen there as an artist is always a huge opportunity as Beatport is the largest online store for DJ music. „Beatport remains the recognized industry leader for the DJ community with a global footprint of over 36M unique users, 465K DJ customers, 11M curated tracks supplied from 75K label partnerships.“ – beatport.com
Overall charts:
The overall charts are the must popular tracks on the platform. „The Beatport Top 100 Charts are calculated by track sales in the past 7 days running. The charts update once a day around 3am Denver time. All pre-order sales get distributed equally towards the first 5 days of a release being published and available. There are both track and release charts. Release charts fluctuate much more because there is much less buying of full releases. The volume is lower so what it takes to move on the charts is much less. A sale only counts as a release purchase if the actual release is bought, not if all tracks on a release are being purchased individually. The other way around though, a release purchase does count towards sales for all individual tracks on that release.“ – songstats.com
Genre charts:
„There are Top 100 charts for each genre on Beatport, and an overall chart that combines the best selling tracks of all genres.“ – songstats.com
Album charts:
It’s basically the same as the overall charts but with albums. There are also album charts in each genre.
HYPE charts:
„The biggest genres on Beatport additionally have a HYPE chart, a chart that is reserved for up-and-coming labels that are part of the HYPE program. This gives smaller labels a platform to get seen.“ – songstats.com. Labels can join Beatport HYPE for a small subscription fee when they make less than 15.000$ worth of revenue each year.
HYPE picks:

DJ charts:
With DJ charts artist can set a spotlight on their own releases and releases they like. It’s easy to create them following this guide from Beatport:
Beatport Guide
One important thing when creating the DJ charts is to use a good artist picture as artwork. Only those will be featured on the main page/front page. To get a DJ chart featured on the main page/front page they can be submitted here:
DJ Chart submission form
To add the DJ charts to a artist profile it has to be claimed following there instructions:
Instructions here
Featured releases:
Featured releases are picked by the Beatport staff themselves. To get a release featured on there the label/distributor has to send them a bunch of information.

Picture of Beatport pages with arrows pointing to the described features

For more information on how Beatport works this page is helpful:
More helpful information

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