6 Steps To Write The Perfect Playlist Promo

Promoting your music to playlists and music curators is essential to gaining exposure and building your audience. But how do you do it without being annoying or getting lost in the shuffle? Here are 6 dos and don’ts of sending promo emails:

  1. DO listen to the playlist you’re sending to so you can ensure your song fits the vibe. This increases your chances of getting added to the playlist.
  2. DO use the KISS principle: Keep It Simple and Straightforward. Get to the point quickly, use normal vocabulary, and don’t overload the recipient with unnecessary information.
  3. DO consider a barter deal. Social media shoutouts or other promotions can be valuable currency in the music industry.
  4. DON’T send the same email to multiple recipients at once. Use BCC or send individual emails to avoid looking spammy.
  5. DON’T follow up too soon or too often. Respect the recipient’s time and space.
  6. DON’T send emails to the wrong address or with incorrect information. Attention to detail is key.

In conclusion, promoting your music through email requires a personal touch and attention to detail. By following these 6 dos and don’ts, you can increase your chances of getting your music heard and building your audience. Keep it short, sweet, and genuine.

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