Nick Fetcher

Mannheim based Yannick Trunk alias Nick Fetcher is working full time as a DJ, producer and label owner. He plays a fusion of Progressive House, Melodic Techno and Trance. Always fun and club oriented. The dedication got him a residency in the largest club in his area. That at an age where he wouldn’t be allowed to visit it. International promoters trust Nick to fetch the packed floors of their clubs in Finland, Belgium or Switzerland.

The songs Nick produces get in your ear and move your feet. His sound stands out. Most listeners know it by the first second. Releases on many international labels are the result. Winning a remix contest for Monstercat and Rampage proves that professionals and fans love Nick Fetchers music.

In his off time he works for the label and event agency bringnewunity. He focusses on passing on what he learned over the years. Many are grateful for the opportunities Nick creates. His imprint released songs from over 300 international artists.

Fetch is what inspires you. Fetch is what drives you. Fetch is what gets you out of the ordinary. Fetch is what gives you hope every new day, Nick Fetcher is the man who makes the fetch happen.


Area Verde, bringnewunity, RaveUp Alley


Mannheim / Germany

Club Highlights

Harry Klein München, Kitkat Club Berlin, Beate Uwe Berlin, Apollo Live Club Turku Finland, Douala Ravensburg, Club Vaag Antwerpen Belgium, Kantine Konstanz

Festival Highlights

Wilde Möhre Festival (Berlin), Trembling Mind Festival (Coburg)