Facebook Ad Manager Campaigns

Before setting up an ad in the Facebook Ad Manager several videos and texts have to be created for advertising. A variety of different ad videos and texts with different parts of the song are necessary to test and find out which results in the most klicks and the lowest CPC. Similar to optimizing the songs for streaming it’s important to optimize the ads to catch the attention of the traget audience. In this case people on social media (short attention spans) with music (product only recognizable if the recipient has the sound on). It’s even more important than with the song itself that the recipient is catched by the ad in the shortest amount of time. That means the ad itself hast to point out the most recognizable and catching features of the song within the first seconds.
These are basics of marketing on social media. An in depth guide to create a specific campaign we had good experience with will follow.
Ad video specifications:
Content dimensions: 9/16, 1080/1920px
Length: 15 sec max
An attention grabbing video (people give humans and especially faces more attention, sex sells, has to fit the vibe of the song, fast cuts, quick moving pictures, mood videos)
It’s best to create a few different attention grabbing videos and combine every video with different parts of the song as well with every store that will be advertised. That means in the end there should be a different ad with every combination of attention grabbing video, song part and store. This is important to test which gets the most klicks and the lowest CPC.
Also important: Content Creation

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