Why release your song with bringnewunity? We believe that a successful artist needs three things:
The reason you chose music to express your feelings.
To not only know what to do but also how and why.
Strong Partners
Defined by trust, reliability, communication and common goals.
We believe that the only way up is through supporting each other where ever it might be. We stand for unity in all facets! We offer
  1. professional mastering
  2. a good community of over 250 artists to exchange and work with
  3. access to our facebook producer group
  4. chances to make remixes for bigger artists
  5. to make the coverart for you
  6. features on our social media
  7. to release on over 200 online stores: (incl. Spotify, AppleMusic, Instagram, TikTok, Beatport)
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    24/7 7Digital Akazoo Amazon MP3 Amazon Music Unlimited Amazon Prime Music AMI Entertainment Anghami Apple Music Audio Print Music AWA Beat.no Beatport Bleep Boom Boomkat Boomplay Broadtime Camino Radio Central Square Records Claro Musica (iMusica) ClicknClear Coda Music Crickery Wood CrowdTunes Dearborn Music Deezer Digster Down In The Valley Easy Street Records Electric Fetus Electric Jukebox Exile On Main ExLibris Facebook Fan Label Fender First Club Forest Incentives Freeform Gallery of Sound Gifnote Global Radio Google Play Gracenote Grandpad GTL Hitparade Hitster Hungama Ignition Music Garage iHeartRadio / iHeartMusic imbee.com Instagram Jaxsta JioSaavn Juno Download KKBOX Klassik Radio KuGou Kuwo La Musica La Poste Music Magnolia Thunderpussy MediaNet Melodia Millward Brown Mixcloud Monster Music Moodagent MUMO Mus.uy Music Millennium MusicKiosk NEC My Melo Napster NEC NetEase Cloud Music OK Onkyo Open Live Pandora Peleton Phononet Plan 9 Music Playlist for Life PlayNetwork Prizm Pylon Qobuz QQ Music R&R RcrdClub RX Music Shazam Slacker So Music SoundScan Soundtrack Your Brand Spotify Starpulse Streetlight Records Stubhub TDC Play Telmore Musik Tencent The First Club The Overflow The Record Exchange TIDAL TikTok Tonlist TouchTunes Traxsource Trebel Triplay Tunes Online United Media Agency Univision Radio URSA VK Waterloo Records Weltbild Wooden Nickel Records XITE Yandex Young Ones YouSee Musik YouTube Content ID YouTube Music
  • to take care of licensing
  • our much appreciated monthly newsletter
Promotion & Marketing We promote all tracks and artist according to their current state of artist development and production quality. We also appreciate good manners and polite behavior.
    1. Spotify playlist placements
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    1. Best Collection Top Dj – Electronic Music – Deep House – Tech House – Trance – 200.000 Follower
    1. Car Bangers – 158.000 Follower
    1. Psytrance: Full On Progressive Trance – 120.000 Follower
    1. Mix Feed Weekly – 87.000 Follower
    1. Itunes US Top 100 Charts (Updated Continuously) – 57.000 Follower
    1. Greesha Mix – 43.000 Follower
    1. Acid Techno – 38.000 Follower
    1. Tech House Bangerz – 25.000 Follower
    1. Dark Techno – 23.000 Follower
    1. EDM & House Top 100 – 21.000 Follower
    1. NEW FRIDAY TOP HITS – 18.000 Follower
    1. Maron Music – 14.000 Follower
    1. Bass Motivation – 14.000 Follower
    1. Techno – Dark & Deep – 11.000 Follower
    1. Goa/Trance/Progressive/Psychedelic/Psytrance – 9.000 Follower
    1. Greesha Workout Sessions – 5.000 Follower
  1. Influencer shoutouts (up to 200k followers)
  2. Posts on our social media
  3. We provide you with:
    1. tips & tricks how to do marketing
    2. videos & photos to post on your social media
  4. We help you realize your promotion plans
  5. We create a fanlink on the day of release
Why compilations? When releasing a compilation every artist benefits from it due to different reasons.
  1. promoting your release means you promote the others releases and the other way around
  2. it’s easier to enter album charts and get more recognition
FAQ  (neu: Link zum Artist Guide)
What is the best way to get in touch with you?
If you need to talk to us please write an email to our A&R Juri. You can reach him here: juri@bnurecords.com. Messages on any other service such as Labelradar, Instagram or other email addresses will not be answered.
What genres does BNU release?
At the time we’re releasing compilations in these genres:
  • EDM (incl. Big Room House, Electro House, Future House, Hard Dance, Progressive House)
  • Chill (incl. Deep House, Lofi House, Nu Dicso, Electronic, Synthwave, Lounge, Lofi, Ambient, Downtempo, Chillwave)
  • Techno (incl. Acid Techno, Dub Techno, Detroit Techno, Minimal Techno, Progressive Techno, Tech-House, Ghetto Tech, Melodic Techno)
  • Downtempo (incl. Electronic, New Beat)
  • Breakbeat (incl. Drum and Bass, UK Garage, Grime, Liquid Drum and Bass)
  • Legacy: Trance (incl. Progressive Trance, Full-On, Progressive Psytrance, Psytrance, Goa, Psybreaks, Uplifting Trance, Acid Trance, Hard Trance)
When it comes to single releases we have no genre restrictions. However these are not our main release format since we’re focusing at our compilations.
I already self-released my song through a distributor. Can I still sign it to BNU?
We can still sign your song if you distributed it through services like Distrokid, Spinnup or similar. Please tell us in the submission form!
Can I submit songs that contain samples I don’t own?
No you’re not allowed to use any copyrighted material in the songs you submit to us. Please use royalty free samples or get a written permission by the copyright owner. Unfortunately we can’t help you with clearing samples.
Do I have to pay anything for the release?
No. We don’t charge you for anything in advance.
What kind of file should I send?
All Audio files have to meet these requirements:
  • WAV files only
  • Bit depth: 16-bit
  • Sample rate: Between 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz
  • Stereo
  • File Name: artist – title (song version)
  • No .zip or .rar files!
Can I change song details (artist name, title, etc) after I received the contract?
No. Please be sure that all the info about you and your track is correct and will not change any time soon.
How do I sign the contract?
We do all the signing with Adobe sign. You will receive an email from echosign@echosign.com and just have to follow the steps. To make sure that you have received the contract please also check your spam folder.
How does the professional mastering work?
After we received your song we will decide if it needs to be mastered. If that’s the case you will get the mastering for free.
When will my song be released?
We release all songs we sign within 180 days. However we always try to release them as fast as possible and economically reasonable. You will get all information about the release date as soon as we have it.
What can I do to promote my song?
There are many ways to promote a song as an artist. Make sure to post the provided promotion material (e.g. photos, videos, etc) to your social media channels. We will send the material as soon as we have everything ready and set up for your release. You can also create your own promotion posts by using our logo package. Click here to download.
When do I get payed?
We will account to you for your Royalty within 90 days of the end of June and December if your royalties exceed our payment threshold of 50€.
How do I get payed?
We will reach out to you when your track earned enough money for the payout. We do payments worldwide.
Submission If you read through everything carefully you can now enter the details into our submission form. Please make sure to fill out the form correctly! The password is: signmetobnu Klick here to access the submission form Please also follow our socials to support our work: instagram.com/bringnewunity facebook.com/bnurecords soundcloud.com/bringnewunity