Why you should release your song with bringnewunity

We believe that a successful artist needs three things:


The reason you chose music to express your feelings


To not only know what to do but also how and why.

Strong Partners

Defined by trust, reliability, communication and common goals.

Basic release package


  1. Basic Coverart
  2. Individual Fanlink
  3. Feature on our Website and Newsletter

  1. Release on over 200 online stores: (incl. Spotify, AppleMusic, Instagram, TikTok, Beatport)
  2. Releases available for licensing on Soundtrack Your Brand
  3. Releases on Content Service Platforms such as Stellar Group (inflight entertainment)
  4. Features on Beatport Hype
  5. 15% off all revenue generated from our releases is donated directly through our partner Forward
  6. Click here to see all stores

What we need for a release

  1. Mastered Audio File of Radio & Extended Mix
  2. Artist Press Pictures
  3. Press Release Info


  1. more song versions
  2. Stems of the Song for Remixes
  3. independently created artwork


Want more? See our additional Promo/Marketing packages*

Spotify Pack: Spotify for Artist Pitch, Spotify User Generated Playlist Pitch, Individual Canvas
Beatport Pack: Artist Profile Update, DJ Chart Submission to Beatport Curators, Beatport Frontpage Feature Submission
Soundcloud Pack: Soundcloud Promotion, Premiere Submissions
Marketing Campaign on Instagram
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our label manager here.
*Please note that we can’t guarantee the success of a release marketing campaign. It’s up to the curators to decide whether your song is accepted. Please klick on the individual features of a pack to see what it is in our Artist Guide.

Prices on request


Additional Services
  1. Mastering
  2. Special Coverart
  3. Promotional Content
  4. Artist Biographies
  5. Remixes
  6. BNU Newsletter shoutout (Extra space and text)
  7. Consulting calls: General career advice, analytics review, how to grow (specific channels), production feedback

Prices on request


If you read through everything carefully you can now enter the details into our submission form. Please make sure to fill out the form correctly!
The password is: signmetobnu
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