Getting on Spotify user generated playlists

There are several ways to get music on user generated playlists on Spotify. This part will only approach the easiest and time and cost efficient way. This article is about getting music featured on Spotify playlists with Submithub.
Submithub is a platform where artists can send their music to private playlist curators for 1$-3$ per playlist. It’s important to note that artists pay for the curators listening and giving feedback to their songs not the actual playlist feature as this is against Spotify’s terms of use. We will go step by step how to get the most out of the submissions.
– ask for feedback to get to know what the curators want
– Use Keywords that fit to the genre: Microgenres, places that are known for the genre
– Individuality; of the artist and the curator
– Give positive ratings and say thank you
– Also important are: reliability, authenticity, expertise, sovereignty and serenity

Submithub step by step: 1. Preparation
1. convert the Radio Mix of the song to a 320 kbps .mp3 file (it’s important to only send radio mixes to playlists)
2. Gather information
– earlier support for your releases by big artists
– Support from blogs & channels
big events you played at
– feedback you received for this track
– plans on promoting your track
 & growing your fanbase
– future releases
 & collaborations
3. Keep the Spotify link on hand
Submithub step by step: 2. Sending the song (
1. Upload the 320kbps .mp3 file
2. Paste the Spotify link
3. Put in the correct release date
4. Put in the correct artist name and title
5. (If existing) put in the lyrics
5. Genreal song pitch: How to write
– In English
– Strong beginning
– Easy and conversational language
– Show enthusiasm
– Point out the specials
– Mark keywords bold or italic
General song pitch: What to write
– Address personally
– Put the most important information and key words in the beginning
– Facts about the release and your successes (the information you gathered before)
– Mention a service in return (similar to a barter deal)
– End with a call to action
6. Similar artists -> be mindful of accuracy, microgenres, relevancy of the artists you name
7. Pick the artist profile
8. Pick the correct country
9. Pick “send the song to curators”
10. Use premium credits
11. Pick “Feedback is important”
12. Pick “They can monetize the song” (better chance for Youtube uploads, if you want that too)
13. Pick 1-3 of the most fitting genres
14. Sort for: Genre match: high to low
15. Pick the best curators with this criteria:
– Price/performance ratio
– Average listeners (per playlist)
– Does the playlist fit sound wise? – listen to the playlist and be very critical if it really fits your song
– Do you have experience with this playlist? Yes is good 🙂
16. BEFORE SENDING THE SONG: Take the time to ad a personal message for every curator. This increases your chances many times. Possible approach:
– Personal greeting: consider the country the curator is from and use the language if you can, if you know the first name (or similar) use it
– Show personal interest: the more personal the better (background knowledge about the curator is an advantage so follow them on Instagram)
– Tell why in your opinion the song fits to the playlist + use the name of the playlist you want to get on (most curators have several playlists in different genres)
– Personal greeting at the end
ATTENTION! You can only use 200 characters!
17. Check your personal messages for mistakes
– Spelling mistakes
– Correct language (in greetings, etc)
– Correct name of the curator
– Do not just copy paste!
18. Send your submissions
Submithub set by step: 3. Follow up
1. Answer your message (Say thanks for feedback & shares)
2. Respond to personal conversations
3. If necessary: clear rights for uploads (the label has to be involved here)
4. Prepare for your service in return & really do it
5. Safe the feedback you got

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