Contract explanation

Do you want the best possible service and marketing for your release?
We feel responsible to set up rules and explain them to ensure a fair deal on your behalf. The following rules are what you will find in your royalty agreement but in shorter and easier english.
First page: Proposal Submittal
We confirm that we want to enter a royalty agreement with you about the songs listed in “the schedule”. This includes the songs and all mixes of them. You may not distribute/release the songs listed in “the schedule” with any other label or distributor without getting our permission first. However you may work with anyone for your other songs.
1. means the contract applies anywhere.
2.1 we take care of the commercialization of your songs for the longest time possible. Also in technologies that will be invented in the future. So you focus on making music.
2.2 naturally you can still perform your songs at your concerts and in your livesets.
2.3 we may create remixes to help with the marketing of the songs. They will be of exceptional quality and fit your artist vision.
2.4 we don’t manufacture CDs or Vinyls yet but we’ve got you covered if we will.
2.5 you give us the opportunity to promote you as an artist.
3 we share income 50/50 after our costs are covered.
4 you will get paid between July & September and January & March if your share is more than 50€. If it’s less than that it will be accumulated till the next time.
5 your songs will be released within 180 days (6 months) as a single or in a compilation.
6.1 you have the rights to commercially use all samples you used in your songs.
6.2 you are over 18 years old.
6.3 the songs you sent us is what you want to hear on the streaming platforms. We may convert and master your song if they don’t meet our file standards.
7 we agree to protect each other in any case of legal action against one of us.
8 if one of us makes a mistake we can tell the other within 30 days. If no action is taken we both have the right to resign the agreement.
9 bringnewunity can pass the commercialization of your songs to other labels to ensure the most success.
10 we will ask for your permission for premium licenses and covermounts (for magazines), (music-) videos (incl. budget and director) and for films, commercials etc. You have 72 hours (3 days) to decide.
11 as bringnewunity is from Germany we are governed by German law and we submit to the solely jurisdiction of German courts.
12 every change of the contract has to be in written form and signed by both to apply.

Thanks for reading through! We always appreciate an artists interest in the business behind the releases. If you have any other questions please look around the artist guide or drop us an email.

Please be aware that this explanation is not a legal document rather just explains the bringnewunity Royalty Agreement in easier terms. This however can not replace any check on if you can and want to enter the agreement.

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