With the remix of Marksman and Emma Pettys ‚Dawn‘ Nick Fetcher & ASCENT prove that the Dawn is coming and it’s coming fast. This special Remix delivers the best interpretation of the theme of the original song. The dawn and better times are coming in a powerful but melancholic way. Released on bringnewunity, Nick Fetchers imprint this group of producers, DJs and singers came together from the UK, the US and Germany to deliver a true masterpiece. 

Dipping into Progressive House for the first time, ASCENT trusted Nick Fetcher with finishing the remix. The good foundation was complemented by an acid like synth as well as a simple but memorable melody composed with a powerful pluck sound. The fast pace and intense energy builds up into a bass heavy drop. Emma Pettys vocals give everything the perfect balance and a powerful feeling of awakening.

With this remix ASCENT and Nick Fetcher make it clear. The dawn is coming, we are hopeful but still remember our roots. We can make it only together no matter where we are from. 

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