Nick Fetcher is a versatile artist: besides working as a DJ, producer and label owner, he is constantly on the hunt for a new movement to start or an event to play. His sound range spirals between Progressive House, Melodic Techno and Trance. No matter if he’s producing or djing, his wave  fetches anybody. Nicks unique sound developed over the last 8 years and is evolving to this day. Nick regularly gets influenced by his surroundings. Moving to Mannheim and falling in love with its brutalist architecture has brought him one of his latest inspirations such as the "Alien" or "Finding Water on the Moon". While playing live Nick often enters a tunnel vision where he dissociates and is only living for the music in that very moment. The audience is most likely to feel his dedication and they feed off it. 

A word from Nick:

For the love of family connections on the dance floor, it always drives me from the small bubble of south German city Konstanz to more open waters. East Germany was where I first found them. At that time I worked at the only festival taking place in Europe in 2020, the Wilde Möhre Festival. My sight of coexistence of the outside world and small islands where similar minded people gather got centered. We came together to celebrate the melancholic or dystopian feeling we all carry inside. For me this always was the ultimate feeling of freedom and calmness and I aspired to create that feeling for the past seven years of my journey into making music. Feel the drive and power coming from my sound while I make the fetch happen from now till the end of time. A quotation from Goethes Faust: „Oh Nick who gave you this power? You could fetch me at this midnight hour.“


Fetch is what inspires you 

Fetch is what drives you

Fetch is what gets you out of the ordinary 

Fetch is what gives u hope every new day

Nick Fetcher is the man who makes the fetch happen.




Harry Klein München, Apollo Live Club Turku Finland, Douala Ravensburg, Matrix Bochum, Club Vaag Antwerpen, NachtBarHaus Konstanz, Kantine Konstanz, Skärgårdsbaren Turku Finland, KuLa Konstanz, Berrys Konstanz, Grey Konstanz, Contrast Konstanz, s'Bokle Radolfzell, Konzil Konstanz, P-Club Konstanz, Alte Schachtel Konstanz


Campus Festival Konstanz, Feels Home Festival Stockach, Rock am Segel Radolfzell, Wilde Möhre Festival Afterhour


Heizraum, Sunshine Live Mixmission 2020